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  The winery: the cedar of Lebanon  
  At the top of Monfalletto hill stands a cedar of Lebanon. Majestic, imposing, and of venerable age, this tree can be seen from every vantage point within the surrounding Nebbiolo vineyards whose grapes are destined for making Barolo wine. And from where it rises, all the topographical features of landscape below – the depressions, the profile of hills that define the boundaries of the estate.

The tree is very much a part of the history and traditions of this land; it was planted by Costanzo Falletti di Rodello and Eulalia Della Chiesa di Cervignasco, ancestors of the current beneficiaries the Cordero di Montezemolo, to commemorate their wedding in 1856 as a symbol of their love for the earth.

According to family tradition, the young newlyweds wished for this sentiment to endure in the hearts of their descendants. The tree would grow majestic and long-lived, reminding future generations of their wish.

The hill was named Monfalletto from Mons Fallettorum, which became Mont Falet – that is, Monte dei Falletti.
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